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FREE WEBINAR: Stuff We Think About Literacy That's Just Plain Wrong

Stuff We Think about Literacy That’s Just Plain Wrong 
presented by Dr. Gene M. Kerns, VP and Chief Academic Officer, Renaissance

There’s no shortage of conversation about literacy among educators.  Yet, despite this, most students don’t experience substantive growth after Grade 4, placing literacy in the category of those essential educational elements that may get more lip service than true, definitive action.  As Schmoker (2011) remarks, “We love to talk about . . . elements” such as literacy, “but we never fully clarified them or obsessed over their implementation.” 

Additionally, the actions that we do consistently take around literacy don’t line up with those advocated by many of the best thinkers in the field (e.g. Willingham, Schmoker, Hirsch).

Join us for a frank conversation about literacy designed to bring clarity to this topic and to lead you to bold insights about how you can more fully unleash the power of literacy in your schools. Specific topics of conversation will include the following:

  • Three powerful, often overlooked, actions that drastically improve student performance
  • The most viable way to build a robust vocabulary in students
  • The undeniable yet overlooked role of background knowledge
  • The changing role of independent reading across all grade levels
  • The powerful role of broad, independent reading in developing highly literate students

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As Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Kerns
advises educators in both the US and the UK about academic
trends and opportunities. Dr. Kerns is a leading authority on
education standards in the US and England, learning
progressions, formative assessment, personalized learning,
and the application of insights from the “science of expertise”
within K–12. He delivers highly sought-after presentations
each year—often to standing-room-only crowds of educators
and administrators.

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Friday, November 30, 2018 @ 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
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