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In this foundation-setting training, participants are walked, step-by-step, through the 10 steps to create a trauma-informed, resilience-focused school. Upon successful completion of the full training, Certified Trauma and Resilience Specialist in Education (CTRS-E) will be awarded.

Presented by a Starr Certified Trauma and Resilience Trainer in Education (CTRT-E), the live learning experience will focus on resilience and an emphasis on understanding how trauma impacts children and their school experience. It will provide proactive strategies such as fostering connections, prioritizing social and emotional skills, establishing safety, and promoting play. Detailed information and concrete actions will also be covered, and in a way that doesn’t just answer the “why” but also the “how” to create the best classroom and school supports for traumatized students and the school professionals who serve them.

A strong focus on understanding the link between a student’s private logic and their academic achievement and behavior deficits in the Circle of Courage’s universal needs will be addressed, as well as how to assess students and create behavior support plans for each. Strategies to collaborate with families and communities and to support staff will be presented also, as well as examples of how to collect and utilize outcome data.


OU Dublin Integrated Education Center
6805 Bobcat Way
Dublin, OH, 43016,


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Tuesday 1st October 2024 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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