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Call for Articles for OAESA's Fall 2019 Principal Navigator Magazine


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At the start of the school year, you’ve got to establish your team, put your heads together, and work to do the best you can for your students. Working together and putting your ideas into action for students is essential for a successful year. Here’s your opportunity to share in OAESA’s Principal Navigator magazine how you work with your colleagues for the betterment of your school community. Our fall theme is Collaborate: Don’t Try This Alone! We’re looking for articles on the following topics:

-What are your strategies for success when it comes to collaboration?
-When have your efforts to collaborate been successful? How did you know it was working?
-Describe how you have overcome obstacles or forged unique collaborative relationships.

Review a Book

We are also looking for a few readers to review books for our "We're Booked" feature. Please let us know ASAP if you're interested.

Submit Your Article

View the complete Submission Guidelines here

Articles and reviews are due July 1, 2019. 

To be considered for publication, send your article to and fill out the Submission Checklist Form.


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