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Advocacy Alert Regarding EdChoice Vouchers

Advocacy Alert: Action Needed on EdChoice Vouchers!
Increases in EdChoice voucher deductions from school districts' payments, policy changes in the recent biennial budget bill (H.B. 166), along with other factors/policies implemented over the past decade, have come together to create a devastating result for public education. A steering committee made up of members of BASA, OASBO, and OSBA has met to come up with a short-term list that can be proposed for immediate action in the Ohio General Assembly.  Click here for the short-term list.

Now is the time for advocacy to create a sense of urgency among lawmakers. Contact your legislators today and urge them to support these short-term legislative changes. Also, share with them how increases in the number of EdChoice vouchers are affecting your district. Your action is needed immediately because the legislature's time in session will be limited in the coming weeks. The steering committee is hopeful changes can provide relief for school districts yet this school year.


Need help finding contact information for your legislators? Click here to use the Ohio General Assembly website.


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