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Announcing OAESA's New Podcast, Leaders AdvantEDGE

OAESA works hard to meet our members where they are by connecting them to resources they can access at their convenience—especially during this particular school year.
Tune into Leaders AdvantEDGE, OAESA's new podcast giving Ohio’s educational leaders the edge they need to be successful. Each episode, we'll aim to intentionally connect you to the most relevant resources, up-to-date information, and compelling guests. No matter the focus, Leaders AdvantEDGE will work to help you be a great leader for your school community.
Join us in your car, on your run, as you cook dinner, or truly anytime, anywhere! Our first full-length episode, featuring Ohio NAESP National Distinguished Principals, Kati Mann (2020) and Bonnie Kubec (2021), drops February 17. You can also find us on Apple, Amazon Music, Audible, and Spotify. Look for us soon on Google Podcasts and iHeart Radio!

Click here to access OAESA's Leaders AdvantEDGE podcast.


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