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Innovative Leaders Institute

Innovative Leaders Institute

Are you ready to lead change at your school? The year-long Innovative Leaders Institute has prepared hundreds of principals and lead-teachers to step forward and create new STEM schools or integrate STEM practices throughout an existing schools. The program pairs aspiring school leaders with veteran STEM school principals. Learn more about the program and apply here by March 28.


Register for the #STEMbuildsOhio design challenge 

Has your school registered for the #STEMbuildsOhio design challenge yet? Final registrations and submissions for the student showcase are due April 21, 2022. This year’s challenge invites students to consider how they can improve their school, community, or world by reimagining an existing physical space, system, product, or service so that it is more equitable, accessible, or efficient. Through the challenge, students build skills in thinking, analyzing, ideating, and creating solutions to real-world problems. Register at:


Join Ohio’s Computer Science 2022-2023 Professional Learning Program, from elementary to AP

Join the 2022-2023 cohort of Ohio teachers as they engage in Computer Science Professional Learning Program. We offer experiences for all grade levels. Educators will explore the curriculum and tools for teaching and learning computer science standards, engage in teaching strategies targeting development of computational thinking, and connect with a community of computer science teachers. The priority deadline for all four programs is May 6, 2022.


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