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ODE Data Insights Posting

The Ohio Department of Education offers periodic, state-level analyses to provide context for interpreting local data and to highlight trends that may inform policymaking and action. Ohio’s Teacher Workforce, the latest in the Department’s Data Insights series, examines teacher workforce trends critical to ensuring a steady pipeline of effective teachers in Ohio’s classrooms.

Data available to the Department suggest that teacher shortages primarily are localized to certain regions, subjects and grade bands. Further, in 2021-2022, there were more than 43,000 individuals with active teaching credentials in Ohio (excluding substitute licenses) who were not employed in a public school as a teacher or other staff member. The report includes analyses to understand teacher supply and demand in Ohio.

Like you, the Department is committed to ensuring there is a steady pipeline of effective teachers entering and remaining in the workforce. Information included in the report highlights available programs and resources to help districts and schools recruit and retain highly effective staff members to support student success.

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