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State Digital Equity Grant - Broadband Ohio

Ohio is participating in the State Digital Equity Planning Grant Program, a federally funded grant, to develop a statewide plan for achieving digital equity goals and closing the digital divide. Ohio’s Digital Equity Plan will serve all Ohioans with an aim to promote meaningful adoption and use of high-speed internet service, with a special emphasis on key populations.

As part of this planning process, BroadbandOhio is granting funds for Digital Inclusion Pilot Projects to organizations supporting digital inclusion efforts across the state. Digital inclusion efforts provide Ohioans access to:

  • Reliable, affordable, high-speed internet;
  • Computers and other devices to meet users’ online needs; and
  • Digital skills training and technical support.

These efforts help ensure every Ohioan has the technology, skills, and resources needed to fully engage in their communities, seek and often maintain employment, better connect with loved ones, learn, and access healthcare and other essential services.

Organizations may request up to $100,000 of funding for a Digital Inclusion Pilot Project. Applications are due via e-mail to by Friday, June 16, 2023 with the subject line “Digital Inclusion Pilot Grant Application”. You must return the form attached here and can include additional attachments with information that may be relevant as part of your application (e.g., existing project plans).

If you have any questions, please reach out to


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