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Contact Verification for Ohio Department of Education User Profiles

Contact Verification for Ohio Department of Education User Profiles

Beginning June 8, 2023, the Ohio Department of Education will begin asking anyone with an ODE User Profile to verify their contact information once a year. Like other online services, the Department's applications need basic information including name, address, and contact information. The Department uses the ODE User Profile information for contact purposes when necessary, for example to alert you to status changes to a submitted license or grant application.

An ODE User Profile is different than an OH|ID. Even though the OH|ID signup process also collects some contact information, OH|IDs are only used to login to state systems and the contact information collected is only used to enable secure logins.

The Department will automatically check annually to verify your contact information. If it has been more than a year since your last verification, you will be asked to verify your contact information before you proceed to the application. If there are no changes, verification is very fast. If updates are necessary, it takes most users a few minutes to enter the updated contact information. Read more about the contact verification update.


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