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Roster Verification 2018: Informing Accurate Value-Added Reports

Roster Verification 2018:
Informing Accurate Value-Added Reports
During roster verification each year, schools validate which teacher teaches what subject to which students. Roster verification directly involves educators in the process that assigns instructional responsibility for the students they teach. As a result, teachers receive value-added student growth measures that inform professional practice and are required for use in the evaluation system.
Information about roster verification in spring 2018—including links to professional development opportunities—can be found here. Split into three phases, key dates principals should be aware of include the following.
During the School Setup phase principals and their support teams prepare the online verification tool for teachers to use. Teachers verify rosters with support from school leaders during the Teacher Roster Verification phase. Principals and their support teams resolve alerts, errors, and omissions, and complete the process during the final Principal Review and Approval phase.


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