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Using Interim and Summative Assessment Data to Inform Instruction: A Reasonable Request?  

The umbrella term “assessment” encompasses everything from highly calibrated summative assessments to very informal formative ones. With growing concern about the amount of time devoted to “testing,” there is a continual dialog about what information both interim and formative assessments can provide to guide instruction. But to what degree is this a reasonable request? 

Interim and summative tools are designed to operate at a completely different level than day-to-day classroom testing. While they can inform classroom practice, we may not wish to ask them to provide comprehensive instructional planning data because we don’t fully understand the potential implications on testing time.

In this webinar, we will explore assessment types at a high level, offering a truly workable and comprehensive definition of formative assessment. The session will directly address what both interim and summative assessments can and cannot do in terms of instructional planning. We’ll also explore how one assessment provider has sought to make interim assessment tools as useful as possible to support classroom instruction.

As Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Kerns
advises educators in both the US and the UK about academic
trends and opportunities. Dr. Kerns is a leading authority on
education standards in the US and England, learning
progressions, formative assessment, personalized learning,
and the application of insights from the “science of expertise”
within K–12. He delivers highly sought-after presentations
each year—often to standing-room-only crowds of educators
and administrators.

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