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OAESA's In-Person Fall Zone Meetings

"Attending a Zone meeting is like adding a packet of electrolytes to your's the BOOST your professional life needs as you connect with colleagues in your Zone and receive updates about what's happening in our profession across the state and nationally. Come join a Zone meeting, have some food and drink, and get replenished and refreshed to keep leading with joy!" --Lori Green, OAESA Zone 10 Director

Join OAESA members from your area to:

  • Connect and talk with colleagues about the issues you face on the job
  • Hear the latest updates from the statehouse and the association
  • Have some fun together — you deserve it!

All Ohio administrators or aspiring administrators are welcome to attend any meeting that is convenient, no matter where you live or work. This meeting is brought to you at no-cost thanks to the generosity of OAESA's Corporate Partner, Age of Learning.