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OAESA 360° Feedback Tool for Administrators
Revised for OPES 2.0!

Grow your skills for greater impact: A February 2021 research report from the Wallace Foundation confirmed that the impact of the principal is second only to that of the teacher in school-based factors that affect student achievement. 

Why should you utilize OAESA's 360° Feedback Tool?
  • Updated. The tool is aligned to the revised 2018 Ohio Standards for Principals
  • Expedient. The tool gives quick, relevant information about job performance
  • Informative. Get honest, anonymous feedback from supervisors and staff
  • Valuable. Save precious time by using the feedback as evidence for OPES 2.0
  • Personalized. The tool provides customized feedback for areas of strength and growth
  • Growth-Oriented. Track professional development over time
  • Economical. At $100 per person, each participant gets unlimited, yearlong access to the tool

What Can OAESA's 360° Feedback Tool do for you? "Through this assessment, I realized I am perceived stronger in areas where I felt I needed the most work. This tool helped me make data-based decisions that truly make me a better educational leader."

OAESA 360° Feedback Tool with 2008 Standards

The Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators 360° Feedback Tools for Principals and Teachers were designed to offer busy educators insights into their job performance through our web-based assessment system.  Please watch the two-minute video (below) to see what OAESA 360° can do for you!

The OAESA 360° online feedback tool provides essential data to inform educators by:

  • identifying strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots in job performance
  • gathering input and evidence from critical stakeholders, including principals and colleagues
  • comparing self-assessment focus areas with feedback from stakeholders and against Ohio standards
  • analyzing data and directing teachers where to turn for professional growth

The OAESA 360° measures these critical skills:

  • collaborating
  • communicating
  • demonstrating
  • professionalism
  • differentiating
  • establishing environment
  • knowing instruction
  • knowing content
  • knowing students
  • modeling respect
  • setting goals
  • using resources
  • using data

The OAESA 360° is easy to use:

  1. Take the online self-assessment.
  2. Invite your supervisor to take the assessment.
  3. Invite your colleagues to take the assessment.
  4. Get your results.
  5. Access our bank of reflective questions.
  6. Find out what to do next to strengthen your skill set.


So are you ready to try it for yourself?  Sign up today to activate your full year of access to the OAESA 360 degree Feedback Tool.

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