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OAESA University Partnership Programs

About our program:

OAESA serves not only the professional needs of field-based administrators, but educators aspiring to become teacher leaders or administrators and the institutions that prepare them to work in this segment of the profession.

OAESA is proud to partner with Concordia University Chicago (CUC) to offer established programs at discounted tuition for our students. CUC is excited to offer the programs entirely online, as they extend their prestigious 150-year history as a brick-and-mortar institution into the digital world.

Programs available include:

* Licensure and endorsement programs have been approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education and are recognized as "in-state" programs by the Ohio Department of Education.


What are our students saying?

"The OAESA program through Concordia University of Chicago has provided me a fantastic opportunity to become an administrator, and it [provides] administrators with courses and work that align to responsibilities and standards of administrators. The more you are able to put into the program- the more benefits you are able to gain from the program. The experiences the program provides only add to a future administrator's resume in their desire to serve teachers, students and community members of the school."

Ryan Rismiller, Assistant Principal
Harding High School
Marion City Schools

"This really was a seamless journey for me from classroom teacher to becoming a leader in the field of education. I have no complaints. I feel that I grew professionally through the coursework. The teachers were knowledgeable, courteous, and fair. And, I especially enjoyed collaborating with a cohort of local teachers, in the last two semesters of my program."

Dana Honerlaw, Principal
Liberty Bible Academy
Mason, Ohio

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