The following is a collection of frequently asked questions concerning Legal Issues, OAESA Membership, Conferences and Seminars, and Professional Conference Exhibitors.  Click the question to expand its answer.

Legal Assistance

How do I request on-site advocacy to resolve a contract or other dispute?
Our associate executive director, Mark Jones, is available to help! Contact him directly at 614-547-8087 or via e-mail at mjones@oaesa.org.
What is the procedure for accessing the Legal Defense Fund?
The first step is to contact the OAESA office as soon as you perceive you have an issue that needs to be handled. Our associate executive director, Mark Jones, and legal counsel will be able to advise you on whether your issue qualifies for access to the Legal Defense Fund or how OAESA might be able to help you.
How may I obtain an answer to a legal question?
Simply call the OAESA office at 614-547-8087 and ask to speak with Mark Jones, OAESA's associate executive director. If he is unable to provide you with an answer, he will contact the OAESA staff attorney for you.
How does OAESA represent me during contract disputes?
Associate Executive Director Mark Jones will discuss your issue with you directly. Together, you will be able to determine if Mark's presence is needed during your hearing. You may contact Mark directly at 614-547-8087 or via e-mail at mjones@oaesa.org.


When does my membership start?
The day we receive and process it.
Does my membership run from school year to school year?
Your membership runs for 12 months from the day OAESA receives your membership form and it is processed.
Can I be an associate member if I am a principal?
If you hold an administrator contract position, you may be an associate member only if you are a professional member of one of our sister organizations, i.e., BASA, OASBO, or OASSA. Otherwise, you need to be a professional member.
Can I join as a retired member?
Yes, however, you will not have any of the following member benefits as a retired member: advocacy, access to the legal defense fund or staff attorney, tailor-made salary studies, right to hold office, Distinguished Principal recognition or Hall of Fame School recognition.
What if I am retired but get rehired?
OAESA will change your membership from Retired to Professional and invoice you for any balance.
I already belong to OASSA or BASA; do I need to belong to OAESA also?
To have access to OAESA member benefits, you must be a member; but as a member of BASA, OASBO, or OASSA, you may join us as an associate member. However, keep in mind that Associate Members do not have access to advocacy, legal defense fund, or the staff attorney, nor can they vote, hold office, or receive the Distinguished Principal or Hall of Fame School recognition.
I thought my school district renewed my membership automatically for me. Why didn't they?
The OAESA membership is your personal membership. We send the notice to you when it is time to renew your membership so that you can fill in any changes. You need to send OAESA a copy of your completed form and then give it to your treasurer for payment. Most districts will not send purchase orders or payments without receiving written instructions from you.
Why would it be a problem if my membership lapsed?
As a professional OAESA member, you qualify for access to the OAESA Legal Defense Fund. One of the requirements for accessing that fund is that your membership was in force at the time of the incident, as well as when you call to ask a question or seek legal assistance. OAESA is committed to helping our membership, but we also have an obligation to only help those individuals who are members.
Why do you keep sending me renewal notices? I use payroll deduction to pay for my dues.
Your district treasurer may have set you up for payroll deduction, but unless OAESA receives your renewal form, we won't know to invoice the district for the new year, thus causing your membership to lapse. Some districts only send the payroll deduction payments quarterly. If we have not been notified that you are using payroll deduction before the expiration date of your membership, you risk the chance of having your membership lapse.
How does the cost of dues compare to other organizations?
In many cases, the association's dues are less than the dues of sister organizations in other states as well as education-related associations within Ohio. OAESA provides many real benefits to members. Members who have needed legal assistance or on-site advocacy by association staff have said this is a real benefit: "worth every penny of my membership."
Does OAESA have payment options?
OAESA has several options for paying dues. In addition to a one-time payment, individuals may charge their membership on Visa, Mastercard, Discover; American Express or pay their dues over several months through an extended payment plan. Many school districts allow members to pay their dues through payroll deduction.

Conferences and Seminars

My district will not pay a registration fee until after I attend the conference. What should I do?
Ask your treasurer if you may carry the check with you to the conference.
Isn't a purchase order considered payment for a registration fee?
Purchase orders are NOT considered payment; they are a promise to pay.
May I attend the professional conference for only one day at a reduced rate?
Yes, please visit the conference page for pricing. Also, if an individual attends the Awards Luncheon only, they would be required to pay for the meal. Refer to the registration form for the cost.

Professional Conference Exhibitors

How many attendees do you expect to come through the trade show?
We anticipate at least 350 elementary, middle level, and central office administrators and teachers will attend the OAESA Professional Conference. The attendee registration booth and a buffet lunch for attendees is within the trade show, so we do expect all attendees to come through the trade show at various times throughout the day.
How does OAESA assign booths?
All requests for a booth are selected online on a first-come, first-served basis. Full payment is required for a booth to be reserved.
May I set up my booth in the early morning of the first day of the trade show rather than the evening before?
If your company's display is a simple setup, you may come into the trade show about one hour before the show opens to set up your booth.