OAESA's Platform & Legislative Positions


The Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators (OAESA) has developed a comprehensive Platform outlining our positions on a wide variety of issues that are politically relevant to our members. This document serves as our formal guide to members in assisting them with an understanding of these issues, as well as efforts to support or oppose various legislative initiatives that affect the school administrators. Each year, at our Representative Assembly, this Platform is reviewed and revised as necessary to reflect the most current thinking of our members. To view our most recent Platform, adopted at the Representative Assembly on April 24, 2021, CLICK HERE.

Legislative Positions

OAESA maintains a strong presence in order to advocate on important statewide and national issues of concern for administrators throughout the State of Ohio. OAESA will work closely with the legislatures, the governor's office, state agencies, elected officials and other advocacy organizations on important areas of concern.

The Advocacy Service Team has developed a series of recommended legislative goals for consideration by the members of OAESA at its annual Representative Assembly where the Delegate Assembly will give final approval.

Legislative goals are distributed throughout the organization as well as to other advocacy organizations. Legislative goals deal with all aspects of the organization's mission.

For more information and to view our 2023-24 Legislative Positions in detail, please CLICK HERE.