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The Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators is the premier professional association serving Ohio's elementary and middle level school administrators, as well as central office administrators who have an interest in pre-K through grade 8 education.

Here are the membership benefits you can expect:

Membership Benefits (click to expand)

Professional Development
OAESA offers a wide array of professional development opportunities for administrators, aspiring administrators, and support staff. The events calendar will help you find the professional development program that fits your needs. OAESA members are entitled to attend all programs offered at a discounted rate. Click on any program on the events calendar for a brief overview. Printable brochures and registration forms are also available.
On-Site Advocacy
From time to time, OAESA members are faced with job-related challenges, such as an employee grievance, a job performance evaluation containing negative comments or areas in need of improvement, or the non-renewal of their employment contract. During these stressful times, a member of the OAESA executive staff may visit a Professional member's school district to provide guidance on how to respond to negative evaluations from supervisors, work with the member and his/her supervisor to develop measurable goals for improvement, advocate with the superintendent or school board for the renewal of the administrator's employment contract, etc. Initially, Professional-level members should contact the OAESA associate executive director, Mark Jones, concerning access to on-site advocacy. You may reach out to Mark directly at 614.547.8087 or via e-mail at
Legal Defense Fund
OAESA maintains a fund that professional-level members may be able to access to assist with job-related legal expenses. For instance, once (s)he is found to be not guilty, a member charged with a crime for some job-related activity may be able to access the fund to assist in paying the legal expenses incurred in the process of defending against the charges. Members may also be able to access the fund for various types of employment actions, the results of which would have implications for school administrators throughout the state. Access to the fund is not automatic. Professional members who think they might have a job-related legal expense should contact OAESA associate executive director, Mark Jones, at 614.547.8087 or, prior to incurring the expense to discuss potential eligibility and obtain an application form.
Professional, associate, institutional, and aspiring members frequently contact OAESA regarding a variety of school management issues and seek assistance/advice regarding current challenges. Contact our associate executive director, Mark Jones, as appropriate to the situation, either by phone at 614.547.8087 or by e-mail at
OAESA provides all levels of association members with a number of professional publications. In addition, OAESA routinely e-mails members regarding a variety of time-sensitive information, such as pending legislation or administrative rules that will be presented to authorities in short order for approval, public and private funding (grant) opportunities, etc. Regular OAESA publications include:
  • OAESA E-News, sent to all association members, provides pertinent monthly updates in a convenient online publication.
  • Principal Navigator is OAESA's flagship publication containing information on a host of issues. The magazine is published three times each school year.
  • Weekly legislative updates
Job Vacancies
Throughout the year, OAESA posts information regarding a variety of administrative vacancies from around the state. Postings include both building level and central office vacancies. All levels of Association members can access this listing through the OAESA Web site.
Reduced Rate Registration
Throughout the year, OAESA offers a variety of professional development opportunities for school administrators, other educators, and school support staff. OAESA members from all membership levels are able to register for these programs at reduced registration rates.
Governmental Representation
OAESA executive staff members are registered legislative and executive agency lobbyists and the associate executive director serves as the chief legislative agent for the association. As registered lobbyists, the executive staff is able to advocate for positions of school administrators relative to pending legislation or executive agency rules. OAESA advocates for the interests of members at both the state and national level.
Staff Presentations
OAESA Institutional members are invited to arrange for presentations to their classes of pre-service administrators and other educators. OAESA executive staff is able to present to classes of educators regarding such diverse topics as pending education-related legislation, school-related legal issues, management issues and strategies, etc.

Member Types & Annual Dues

Professional ($275.00)

  • Elementary/middle level building administrators
  • Central office or administrative/supervisory positions with an interest in elementary or middle level education
  • Retired and rehired into any of the above listed positions

Aspiring ($60.00)

  • Aspiring elementary and middle level administrators

Retired ($60.00)

  • Retired and no longer serving as a school, central office, or other administrator/supervisor (Not retire/rehire)
  • Retired members DO NOT have access to the Legal Defense Fund

Associate ($60.00)

  • Full members of Ohio-based organizations serving school administrators (BASA, OASBO, or OASSA)

Institutional ($60.00)

  • Affiliated with colleges and universities' professors of education

Dues to OAESA are NOT deductible as charitable contributions.

For $100, your professional, aspiring, or associate membership can be upgraded to a PLUS membership allowing 12 month access to the OAESA 360 Feedback Tools.

Benefit Chart

  Professional Associate Retired Institutional Aspiring
Professional Development Opportunities
On-Site Advocacy        
Legal Defense Fund Accessibility        
Consultation (regarding administrative and quasi-legal issues)        
Online Access to Job Vacancies
Reduced Rate Registration
Governmental Representation at State & National Levels  
Staff Presentations        
Voting Privileges for OAESA Elections      
Ability to Hold Elected Office        
Ability to participate on a Service Team

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