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"I have meaningful connections with outstanding administrators who I collaborate with, learn from, and continue to grow in my leadership"

OAESA connects and supports pre-K - 8 administrators throughout their careers.  We believe that every school deserves an effective, informed, and caring administrator to lead and support it.

OAESA is here for administrators, so they can be there for their students, faculty, and communities.

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Membership Benefits (click to expand)

Intentionally Connect
Intentionally Connect to a community of colleagues, information, resources, service, and support:
• regional meetings
• networking
• support
• weekly email updates
• podcasts
• Principal Navigator magazine
• employment center
• school visits
• district/county reps
• service teams
Effectively Develop
Effectively Develop your knowledge and practice:
• legislative updates
• webinars
• SAIL graduate, licensure, and endorsement programs
• OAESA 360 evaluation tool 
• mentoring
• student-centered professional development with virtual, regional, and state-wide options at reduced rates
Passionately Advocate
Passionately Advocate both personally and collectively: 
• legal defense fund access
• one hour of free legal consultation
• OAESA’s recognition program
• legal support
• representation, lobbying, and engagement at the state and national levels
• Principals Advocating with Legislators (PAL) toolkit

Member Types & Annual Dues

Professional ($295.00)

  • Elementary/middle level building administrators
  • Central office or administrative/supervisory positions with an interest in elementary or middle level education
  • Retired and rehired into any of the above listed positions

Aspiring ($99.00)

  • Aspiring elementary and middle level administrators

Retired ($99.00)

  • Retired and no longer serving as a school, central office, or other administrator/supervisor (Not retire/rehire)
  • Retired members DO NOT have access to the Legal Defense Fund

Associate ($99.00)

  • Full members of Ohio-based organizations serving school administrators (BASA, OASBO, or OASSA)

Institutional ($99.00)

  • Affiliated with colleges and universities' professors of education

Dues to OAESA are NOT deductible as charitable contributions.

  • For $100, your professional, aspiring, or associate membership can be upgraded to a PLUS membership allowing 12 month access to the OAESA 360 Feedback Tools.

Benefit Chart

  Professional Associate Retired Institutional Aspiring
Professional Development Opportunities
On-Site Advocacy        
Legal Defense Fund Accessibility        
Consultation (regarding administrative and quasi-legal issues)        
Online Access to Job Vacancies  
Reduced Rate Registration
Governmental Representation at State & National Levels  
Staff Presentations        
Voting Privileges for OAESA Elections      
Ability to Hold Elected Office        
Ability to participate on a Service Team

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